"The one who fights back retains his dignity and his self-respect."-Jeff Cooper

Women's Self-Defense Class

I attended the women's self-defense class at Champions Karate and encourage everyone to take the class. It was empowering and I learned simple techniques as to how to avoid incidents and how to safely get out of a dangerous situation. Debbie was excellent in showing us these techniques and also asking us if we had any situations we wanted to know how to defend ourselves in. Ladies, young and older, attend this class.- Kelly Organek August 15, 2015

Thank you so much for the Women's Self Defense Course today, Debbie! The girls' and I were just discussing how much we came away with!! We learned a lot and had fun doing it!- Regina Salafia

Champions Karate School offers women self-defense classes for large groups, such as church groups, businesses, park and recreations programs, fitness centers, middle schools and high schools. We also offer self-defense classes to smaller groups for families and their friends at their homes or at the karate school.  Women self-defense classes are a great way to gain confidences and learn to prevent and prepare for a potentially bad situation. 

Middletown High School Self Defense Class

October 2015

Champions women's self-defense classes teach awareness, avoidance, prevention and easy self-defense concepts and techniques in a comfortable, fun environment.  The classes empower women, giving them simple techniques to defend themselves against grabs, chokes, unwanted hug, etc. 

Women Self Defense with High School and College Students 2016

"Thank you to Debbie, Carolyn and Donna for a great women's self defense class. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was very informative and instructional. I look forward to participating in another.  I'd urge every women to attend."-Dianne Shobe

" Debbie graciously volunteered her time and expertise in women's self defense with our Recreational Activities class. She taught them easy self-defense concepts and techniques in a safe and fun environment.
   Thank you for empowering our young women and helping them gain self-confidence and learning how to protect themselves".
          Mrs. Ehnot, PE/Health Teacher , Middletown High School- Oct 2015