Kelly Shekosky is currently a brown belt.  Kelly enjoys learning new requirement material,  especially the katas.  She likes everyone at Champions; the students, the instructors and the parents. Her favorite activity at Champions Karate School is the tournaments. Kelly loves performing on the demo team and is great with the fans.   Kelly likes swimming, karate, and hanging out with her friends. Kelly's favorite colors are black, green and blue.

 Samantha Truszkowski  assists Sifu Debbie with the 4-6 beginner program.  Samantha loves karate and the instructors at Champions.  Jumping flying side kicks are her favorite events at Record Breaking Day. Her goal is to obtain her black belt at Champions. She likes to dance and her favorite color is lime green. 


Sifu Victoria Johnson began her training in Kenpo Karate in 2005.  After two years of training and showing great leadership skills, she became an assistant instructor.  As a strong competitor in tournaments and a co-director of the demo team, Victoria is a huge asset to Champions Karate School instructor staff.  She has a smile on her face when she is teaching, letting the student know how much she enjoys teaching and helping them. She is a 2nd-degree black belt. Victoria, in addition to karate, enjoys theater productions. She is a certified personal trainer.

Sifu Kimberly Shekosky is a Black Belt at Champions Karate School.  Kimberly started her karate career at the young age of 5.  She has competed successfully in tournaments.  Her kicking skills are amazing, she is able to kick 216 times in one minute balancing on one leg.  As an instructor, she loves to teach the younger karate students.  She is an experienced Champions demo team member, who brings leadership to the team as a co-captain.   Kimberly is not only a dedicated karate instructor, she is also a high honor student, who enjoys swimming competitively. 

Karate Instructor and Owner

Master Debbie Bissonnette Shekosky is a 5th-degree black belt in Kenpo karate, a 1st-degree black belt in Modern Arnis and a certified ACE personal trainer.  She has been teaching karate for over 25 years to adults and children. Early in her karate career, she competed successfully in numerous karate tournaments around the New England area. She has traveled and trained at seminars with martial arts experts, like Grandmaster Remy Presas, and Grandmaster Wally Jay.   She enjoys teaching women and kids self-defense classes. She has hosted countless tournaments and seminars, as well as fundraisers for Channel 3 Kids Camp,  ALS, Middletown High School and most recently for a former student, Samantha Wysocki's fight against cancer. With her students, she has presented countless karate demonstrations for local events. She is a member NEMATA (New England Martial Arts Teachers Association).  She also has a Bachelor of Science degree from Central Connecticut State University in Accounting.  ‚Äč

Champions Karate School, LLC

Meet our instructors 

Hannah Mills likes to assist the younger kids karate classes.  She believes karate has made her stronger, more powerful and more confident.  Her favorite part of karate is learning self-defense, katas and the karate uniforms.  She is an active member of Champions Karate School demo team and enjoys breaking boards.  She inspires to be a black belt and a Sifu instructor.  

Versona Pine is an active member of the Champions Karate School demo team.  She enjoys competing with the demo team at tournaments.   One of her favorite activities at Champions is the Summer Kids Karate workshop. As an assistant instructor, she helps out with our younger white belt students. Versona's ultimate goal is to train hard to earn her black belt.

Jessica Tomczak 

Assistant Instructors

Karate Instructor Staff

Sifu Carolyn Rivers is a black belt. She has been training in martial arts and fitness industry for over 15 years.  She has great form and technique, which she shares and teaches to her students.  She looks at each student individually to help them reach their goals.  She is a positive person, who motivates others to do their best. 

Tyler Tomczak

Ana Green started karate in 2014. She is currently an active member of Champions Karate School demo team.  She excels in tournament competitions, especially sparring.  She loves assisting the 4-6 age group classes and the kids love her.  

Katrin Kerger loves to assist at children and women self-defense programs, as well as assisting the children and adult karate classes.  She started her training in 2013 and her ultimate goal is black belt.  She enjoys the mental aspect of karate, learning the required material and mastering the techniques.  

Milan Patlikh started karate at the age of 4. He is currently a  Black Belt in Kenpo Karate, has a purple belt in Modern Arnis.  He has also trained in weapons. He especially enjoys the nunchakus.  Milan is a co-captain of the demo team.  He started assisting instructing at the age of 8.  He loves to see students finally achieving something they have been working on.  Milan has competed in multiple tournaments and has attended many seminars.  He also excels in school, loves animals and traveling and does gymnastics.

Matthew Smith has been training in karate for 4 year and is currently a brown belt at Champions.  His main goal at karate is to achieve his black belt.  He is a member of the demo team. He enjoys being an assistant instructor and helping the kids achieve their goals.  His top two favorite things at karate are two kata and learning new material. He does cub scouts and his favorite color is green. 

Donna Chalmers is currently a 2nd-degree brown belt at Champions.  Her goal is to become a Black Belt.  Earlier in her karate career, she studied Shorin-Ryu.  In 2009, she was introduced to Kenpo karate through her children participating in Cromwell Park and Recreation program.  Her youngest daughter signed up for karate lessons, and Donna decided to give Kenpo a try too.  She has been enjoying it ever since!  Some of the benefits in Kenpo are:  sharpening your mind and body, self-esteem, and empowerment. Good for kids of any age:).  Donna enjoys instructing and working with other students and she especially likes working with children.  She likes to garden, listening to music, reading, hiking and traveling.  When she is not in class at Champions, she is enjoying a variety of fitness programs.  She is also a licensed Zumba (R) Fitness instructor and personal trainer.

Sifu Kaitlyn Pearce started her karate training at the age of 10.  She is a 2nd-degree black belt instructor.  As an instructor, she is passionate about teaching students proper technique, with positive reinforcement.  Kaitlyn has competed and judged numerous tournaments. Her commitment, teaching skills, and love for karate are what makes her a valuable instructor at Champions Karate School. Kaitlyn is a graduate of UConn University.