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Ground Fighting Self Defense Seminar

Girl Scout Self Defense Class

Master Andy Weapons Seminar

Go Pink Demo September 2018

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Happy 6th Birthday Owen!!

Congratulations Sifu Victoria on your 3rd degree black belt!!

Congratulations Daniel H. on your orange belt!

Congratulations to

Tyler, Jessica, Emily and Kenechi

Congratulations to our newest Yellow Belts

Kyle, Kendall, Leo & Ronnie

Karate News

Congratulations to our Certified Jr Assistant Instructors, Assistant Instructors,  Instructors, and Sifu Instructors

Jr Assistant Instructors

Tyler Tomczak

JZ Lauderdale

Emily Maliszewski

Assistant Instructors

Kelly Shekosky
Matthew Smith
Katrin Kerger
Jessica Tomczak
Alyson Maliszewski
William Camosci
Versona Pine
Hannah Mills


Donna Chalmers
Jason Tomczak

Sifu Instructors

Kaitlyn Pearce
Victoria Johnson
Kimberly Shekosky
Carolyn Rivers
Milan Patlikh
Melinda Lauderdale
Ben Bates


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