Jr Assistant Instructors

JZ Lauderdale

Alyson Maliszewski currently helps out in the beginner kids classes. Both her children participate in the kid's karate classes and her husband trains in the Krav Maga class.  

Tyler Tomczak

William Camosci ‚Äč

"Youth is the gift of nature but age is a work of art"- Stanislaw Jerzey Lec

Champions Karate School, LLC

Hannah Mills likes to assist the younger kids karate classes.  She believes karate has made her stronger, more powerful and more confident.  Her favorite part of karate is learning self-defense, katas and the karate uniforms.  She is an active member of the Champions Karate School demo team and enjoys breaking boards.  She inspires to be a black belt and a Sifu instructor.  

Assistant Instructors

Jessica Tomczak assists with our white belt kid's classes.  She trains as much as she can.  She enjoys all aspects of her karate classes, katas, sparring, self-defense, and bag work. 

Matthew Smith has been training in karate for 5 years and is currently a 2nd-degree brown belt at Champions.  His main goal at karate is to achieve his black belt.  He is a member of the demo team. He enjoys being an assistant instructor and helping the kids achieve their goals.  His top two favorite things at karate are two kata and learning new material. He is also a boy scout. 

Kelly Shekosky is currently a 2nd-degree brown belt. Kelly enjoys learning new requirement material, especially katas.  She likes everyone at Champions, the students, the instructors, and the parents.  Her favorite activity at Champions Karate School is the tournaments.  Kelly loves performing on demo team and is great with the fans.  Kelly likes swimming, karate and hanging out with her friends. 

Katrin Kerger loves to assist the children and women self-defense programs, as well as assisting the children and adult karate classes.  She started her training in 2013 and her ultimate goal is a black belt.  She enjoys the mental aspect of karate, learning the required material and mastering the techniques.  

Emily Maliszewski

Versona Pine is an active member of the Champions Karate School demo team.  She enjoys competing with the demo team at tournaments.   One of her favorite activities at Champions is the Summer Kids Karate workshop. As an assistant instructor, she helps out with our younger white belt students. Versona's ultimate goal is to train hard to earn her black belt.