Champions Karate School, LLC in Cromwell

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group Kenpo karate classes and Karate uniform

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Champions Karate School, LLC

Where every student is a champion!

 "Martial arts is not about fighting; it's about building character".-Bo Bennett

Important goals at Champions Karate School are to build our student's character, confidence and focus while teaching quality self defense skills.

Champions Karate School is now offering online classes with live training with a black belt instructor for new and existing students.  Saturdays are hybrid classes online and outdoor classes in Cromwell, weather permitting.  Contact Master Debbie for more information at 860-930-8418.

Champions Karate School welcomes students of all ages.  Students relocating from other towns, state or schools have the option of retaining their highest earned rank level in their style.  For more information visit

"The Cromwell Recreation Department has been working with Deb Shekosky for over twenty years to teach basic self defense to the children of Cromwell.  We are very pleased with the excellence of her teaching ability and care for the children enrolled in the program over the years.  She is extremely professional and relates well to all those who are participating.  We highly recommend the Champions Karate School to any parent thinking of starting their child in this type of activity."- Susan Schein, Recreation Director for the Town of Cromwell

  • To provide our students with a clean, professional training space
  • To enhance our students learning with experienced, friendly instructors
  • To teach our students self control, self discipline, and focus
  • To give our students confidence in all aspects of their lives
  • To give back to our community